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We are your Bill Savings Advocate.

Our mission is to save you money - and we pay our own way.

(most without changing providers or services)

* we reduce phone, internet, media, waste management, lawn care, pest control, technology services, water delivery, print advertising, payroll, shredding, appointment services, and many other areas 80-99% of the time

For easy and quick personal bill reductions use this: online Viv savings
There are no up-front fees. No risks. If no savings, then no fees.

card processing
* we reduce credit card processing costs over 99% of the time
without changing providers, services, or equipment

free prescription service

  • * free prescriptions on 605+ of the most prescribed medications covering 93% of all conditions are included with free delivery or pick up at over 64,000 pharmacies. Over 50% discounts on over-the-counter medications. One low cost monthly subscription provides access to unlimited free prescriptions and all other benefits.

    Refer this program to those you care about, and to your employer as an employee benefit plan.

* very quickly sort through hundreds of federal, state, and local employee and property tax incentives and refunds. This can be a great benefit before talking and working with your accountant.
(including majors like: ERC, WOTC, Cost Seg, R&D, among others)
Try our free Employee Tax-Savings calculator here.

Try our free Property Tax-Savings calculator here.

We compliment whatever cost-savings measures you have taken.

With most services, simply provide us with a vendor statement, and we will negotiate the rates lower for you on a results-paid basis. You really have no risk, no upfront costs, and very little time invested.

It's like having your own expense reduction and financial efficiency department -
without having to pay wages.

Explore these areas, at our expense, to keep more money in your pocket.

Every day without a decision to move forward is costing you money.

One small conversation to start could save you thousands of dollars in the end.

It's a fantastic investment of your time.

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