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Our mission is to share
financially efficient strategies.

When it's hard to find and keep good help,

we're here - and we pay our own way!

Bill Savings Advocate has partnered with specialists in different areas so that we can provide a comprehensive and customized service.

Very simply, we keep more money in your pocket by lowering the rates you are paying for services - most without changing providers or services. We do this primarily on a results-paid basis. We get paid after savings are received.

We also bring financially efficient and profitable systems. What's better than saving both time and money?

It's rare that clients leave our services once experienced.

Our scope covers individuals to billion-dollar corporations. Our results are significant and impressive backed by specialists with decades of experience.

Depending on the needs and wants of our clients, we select the partners that will provide the best results.

Our specialist teams earn and save you money in various ways when you reach out to us.

There is no cost or risk to explore.

However, every day you wait

to make a decision there is a cost!

We work with those we trust.

We trust those we like.

We like those we know.

Let's get to know each other.

Once you get to know us,
we're confident you'll like
the value we bring.

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We’re on a mission to share
financially efficient strategies!