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Did you take your Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) refund?

Did you know there are literally hundreds of other employee and property tax credits available at your finger tips?

In minutes, you can sort through hundreds of federal, state, and local employee and property tax incentives -
online with a simple questionnaire.

37 Billion dollars in refunds and credits given. All qualified applications accepted.

NO dis-allowances to-date!

For businesses with employees and locations.

This is the only service like this in the nation.


Cost Segregation, Research & Development, Covid-ERC, Disaster-ERC, Property Tax, and
Workers Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

Many other tax savings areas as well.

Our Tax Management System (TMS)
is unique - and extremely affordable!

Our simple online questionnaire quickly drills down to the tax savings available to you.

See the savings calculator work as you
answer related questions.

TMS also allows clients to:

  • Manage and track job openings & candidates

  • Store resumes & employment documents

  • Manage & track employees, & tax savings opportunities
    as they become available

  • Manage human resource related tasks, policies, & data.

Our TMS is so unique and extremely affordable -

Don't let tax savings lie hidden in your own backyard.

Why leave it there? We'll help you find it.

We work with those we trust.

We trust those we like.

We like those we know.

Let's get to know each other.

Once you get to know us,
we're confident you'll like
the value we bring.

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