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Our mission is to save you money.

We partner with top-notch, professional, and seasoned negotiators -
who only get paid after they find you savings.

It's a true win-win for everyone involved!

Personal Savings

Want to save on your personal bills?

Imagine how bill savings can help fund those goals in life that you really want to achieve - friends, family, recreation, retirement, property, or whatever you may desire.

It's all a little bit easier when you can keep more money in your pocket.

  • phone, internet, cable, media subscriptions

  • utilities (electricity, natural gas, solar)

  • insurances (auto, home, life)

  • many others

  • Mix and Match discount subscriptions for value savings

  • - MyDeals - save up to 50% from over 700,000 locations

  • -GetAway - exclusive travel memberships

  • - Roadside - emergency helps for little or no cost

  • - MediCall - 24/7 access to medical diagnosis & scripts

  • - TechRescue - remote/discounted on-premise tech support

  • - ConSeal - identity theft protection

  • - CreditWatch - 24/7 credit monitoring

  • - CloudCache - secure cloud backup for data storage

Business Savings

Want to reduce your overhead expenses?

Reducing overhead expenses goes directly to your bottom-line profits.

How much additional revenue and associated expense is needed to net the same amount of quick and easy bill savings?

We operate on a performance-paid basis.

You don't pay us until you realize savings.

  • phone, internet, cable, media subscriptions

  • utilities (electricity, natural gas, solar)

  • payroll-related expense reductions

  • accounts payable into profit center

  • free employee hire/retention benefits

  • credit card processing (no changing carriers)

  • security systems

  • waste management

  • water delivery

  • lawn care / pest control

  • technology services

  • laundry

  • superior business tax savings service

  • many others

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Fundraising Opportunities

Is there a more rewarding way to raise funds than to put money in your participants pockets? It's a win-win!

Simple concept:

We negotiate savings for your participants, and donations are made to you from their savings.

Upside-down fundraising. No purchases.

No inventory. No sales. No risk.

No memberships. Great goodwill.

Perfect for our covid/inflationary times.

  • non-profits

  • family and friends in crisis

  • corporate business events

  • employee moral and team-building events

  • structured for both individuals and businesses

We work with those we trust.

We trust those we like.

We like those we know.

Let's get to know each other.

Once you get to know us,
we're confident you'll like
the value we bring.

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